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The Youth Development Company was developed with one main focus, to provide support to local youth!

We cater to children from birth to 18 years old and provide a range of age-appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development and support their ongoing educational journey.

Together, we are building a better tomorrow!

The Youth Development Company/PAL is the largest independent youth organization in Van Buren County, MI and plays a vital role in the lives of children and young adults in Bangor, Covert, and South Haven school districts; which account for 10% of Van Buren County’s total youth population.

Committed to growing and adapting our services to meet the emerging needs of students and communities, we consistently monitor the needs of the children in these three cities as they have been reported to have approximately 79% of students who are “economically disadvantaged.”

As evidenced by our 98% approval rating from our school districts, families and youth, our programs are making a positive impact. Thus far, our success and growth have been achieved through the development of successful partnerships, impactful programs, and a consciousness of the changing demographics in our service areas.  We plan on continuing this and working to build a better tomorrow for the youth growing and developing today.

Are you ready to make a difference in your community?

What Your Donation Means

Learning Centers vs Daycare

YDC Leaning Centers include Infant, Toddler, and Preschool classrooms that utilize the evidence-based curriculum, customized lesson plans, and third-party observation on a regular basis. YDC Learning Centers provide loving care and inspire learning through play and educational activities.

Standards of the highest quality are upheld by the commitment to a high standard of moral character of our staff and investment in their professional and personal development. Demonstrated continuous improvement in daily operations, curriculum, and self-assessment are driven by formal observation, customer satisfaction, and parent feedback.

Summer Camp

YDC Summer Day Camp brings 23 years of experience providing youth a safe place to engage with positive adults, play with a purpose to bridge the educational gap during the summer months, and physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle.

With a focus on STEAM-centered learning, refining social literacy and math skills, and tapping into their creative nature, they will grow through hands-on learning. Through community collaborations, and school and business partnerships, we can offer a fun, educational, and affordable 6-week themed day camp to all school-age children regardless of their ability to pay.

Mentoring Afterschool

Since 2010, Youth Development Company/PAL has been selected as a partner of the National Police Athletic Activities League Mentoring program (funded by the U.S Department of Juvenile Justice).

The national PAL Mentoring initiative strengthens youth relationships with caring adults, their community, and academic achievement. Mentoring programs offer a wide range of programs that include athletics, character development and education, outdoor activities, and the arts. The PAL Mentoring program is designed to meet youth where they are, and give them a consistent adult presence with whom they trust, respect, and build lasting friendships.

The Benefits Of Your Contribution

Boosts Your Health

Your donation can help with programs that give kids more opportunities to be physically active, kids need lots of room to move and play with a purpose.

While your health may get a boost, the kids you help are sure to get plenty of exercise and recreational activity time, including sports, swimming, and dance!

Gives You Purpose

Your donation can help with programs such as providing a child with basic toiletries, pantry food, and baby food/diapers/formula.

Giving to a cause where you are helping a child will give you a sense of purpose while teaching the youth leading the project the importance of community and giving.

Relieves Stress

Your donation can help relieve the stress of a child who would otherwise be alone during out-of-school time.

During the summer and oftentimes, after school, youth are under the stress of caring for themselves or their younger siblings. Your contribution can help provide a low to no-cost solution for children to be with caring adults, playing with a purpose, and bridge the retention gap while school is not in session.

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